Our Services

We are at our best when solving unprecedented environmental challenges. We face these head-on, analyze every angle, assess the risks, and develop comprehensive solutions.

Our team provides expert services to the mining, oil and gas, sand and gravel, government, and not-for-profit sectors.

CPP Environmental’s multidisciplinary team applies its broad knowledge to offer support in the following service areas:

CPP Environmental assists natural resource developers and municipalities with regulatory and policy procedures. We support clients in submitting applications to all applicable regulatory bodies, including provincial and federal agencies, and the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Our in-depth knowledge of the complexities of regulatory filings and proceedings ensures that applications are completed efficiently and precisely to secure a positive outcome.

We understand the current regulatory environment and track proposed changes so we can analyze how they will affect our clients’ operating procedures.

Regulatory and policy services include:

  • All Public Lands Act disposition applications, for example:
    • Surface material exploration (SME) applications
    • Surface material lease (SML) applications
    • Conservation and reclamation business plan (CRBP)
  • All Water Act applications, for example:
    • End pit lake design and authorization
    • Water licences
    • Wetlands disturbance or construction
  • All Environmental and Protection Enhancement Act (EPEA) applications, for example:
    • Code of Practice (CoP) pit registration
    • Activities plan for gravel operations
    • Specified land construction, operations and reclamation authorizations
    • Conservation and reclamation plans
    • Reclamation certificate preparation and submission
  • Wetland Policy: assessment, classification and compensation
  • Municipal development permit applications
  • Government relations and liaison, and client representation
  • Compliance audits and stewardship initiatives
  • First Nations consultation
  • Land use consent acquisition

Environmental assessments provide the technical requirements for regulatory applications and planning initiatives. Each project results in the preparation of concise, professional reports with visuals and accessible language to explain methods and results.

CPP Environmental’s staff are government certified in assessing terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

Environmental assessment services include:

  • Ecosite classification and interpretation
  • Vegetation and soil surveys
  • Species at risk inventory
  • Reclamation material testing and sustainability
  • Wetland identification, delineation, and assessment
  • Surface water testing and assessments, including paleolimnology
  • Groundwater testing and feasibility studies
  • Cumulative effects modelling and assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Monitoring program design, implementation and operations
    • Reclamation monitoring
    • Water monitoring
    • Terrestrial monitoring
    • Aquatics/wetland monitoring
  • State of the environment reports
    • State of the watershed reporting

CPP Environmental facilitates the development of comprehensive operations, monitoring, and reclamation plans. Plans and strategies developed for our clients take into consideration industry, regulator, and stakeholder priorities, along with environmental, social, and economic factors.

We also provide educational seminars and advice for clients and their staff on a wide range of policy- and strategy-related topics.

Environmental planning services include:

  • Land-use planning
  • Public and private land gravel planning
  • Gravel exploration and testing (identify reserves, quality and quantity)
  • Regulatory review and evaluation
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Preparation of conservation and reclamation plans, including revegetation plans
  • Preparation of monitoring program plans
  • Preparation of reclamation certificate application plans to prepare for the reclamation certification process
  • Preparation of plan terms of reference
  • Reclamation guidance documents and frameworks
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Development and delivery of educational programs
  • Meeting/workshop facilitation
  • Integrated watershed management plans
    • Water management and use planning
  • Community FireSmart planning
    • Wildfire risk assessments
      • Wildfire modeling (using the Prometheus Wildfire Growth Model)
    • Wildfire risk and hazard mitigation
    • Operational wildfire mitigation strategies
  • Site treatment prescriptions
    • Pre-treatment fuel modification assessments
    • Installation, measurement and data evaluation of fuel assessment plots
    • Completion of fuel modification prescription forms
  • Post treatment fuel modification assessments
  • Industrial FireSmart assessments
  • FireSmart program development, review and evaluation (for municipalities)
  • Residential FireSmart assessments and training
  • FireSmart project supervision
  • Landscape wildfire threat analysis
  • Bylaw reviews
  • Wetland policy applications
  • Identification and delineation
  • Classification
  • Permanence assessment
  • Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool-Actual (ABWRET-A)
  • Biophysical Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR)
  • Wetland design (pre-activity)
  • Wetland construction, restoration and enhancement
  • Wetlands monitoring

At CPP Environmental, we pride ourselves on our project management skills. We are able to transfer this knowledge and experience to your projects to ensure budgets and deadlines are maintained. Additionally, we are able to provide a wide range of expertise and technical support to your projects on a day-to-day basis.

Support services include:

  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Geographic information systems analysis and mapping
  • Technical support in various environmental disciplines with certification in agrology, forestry, biology, and wetlands
  • Peer review and expert opinion
  • Field inspections and audits
  • Accredited training sessions
  • Air photo interpretation and analysis