Environmental experts specializing in land, water, and natural resource management.

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CPP possesses an unparalled depth of knowledge of environmental regulations

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We help industries navigate the complex world of government regulations

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We provide our clients with specific solutions to environmental and regulatory challenges

Integrated Approach

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in environmental policy and natural resource management

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We are proud of the strong partnerships we have cultivated with our clients
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When you work with CPP Environmental, you always get our best.

Our commitment to creating innovative solutions on a client-by-client basis means your unique needs are always heard and understood.

CPP Environmental is leading the industry in the development, restoration, and conservation of natural resources throughout Western Canada. We work side by side with our clients. Our plans are designed to exceed current regulatory standards and to anticipate regulatory changes.

CPP Environmental is pleased to have acquired Pisces Environmental Consulting Services Ltd.

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Featured Projects

CPP Environmental proudly stands behind the work we do. From project planning to final reclamation, we are your trusted partner in solving any challenge you encounter.

Petroleum Life-Cycle Training Curriculum​
CPP Environmental is developing a petroleum life-cycle training curriculum for MERIT, a joint program of the Canadian government, the Canadian Executive Service Organization, and World University Service of Canada.
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Renewable Energy Project Management
For the Turning Point Generation’s Canyon Creek Pumped Hydro project near Hinton, Alberta, CPP used its intimate knowledge of provincial government review protocols to save the company several hundred thousand dollars in unnecessary reclamation securities, road closure requests, and timber management costs.
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Municipal District Road Upgrade
For the past five years, CPP Environmental has completed annual assessments of the potential environmental impacts on wetland ecosystems of road-widening and upgrading projects in the Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61.
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Highway Construction and Bridge Project
CPP Environmental was chosen by Alberco Construction Ltd. to provide an environmental consulting team for the Highway 15 construction and bridge project in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
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Environmental Assessments of Water Supply Systems
The Alberta Central East regional water supply system, which is in the 7th phase of construction, ties together 12 municipalities in central Alberta between Edmonton and Lloydminster and once completed will involve approximately 100 kilometres of water pipelines.
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Environmental Consulting for Regional Aggregate Projects
For Alberta Transportation, CPP Environmental is the designated environmental consultant overseeing technical and engineering services, as well as contract tendering and administration, for regional aggregate resources in Alberta’s Southern Region.
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Guiding Successful Rural Gravel Management
CPP Environmental is proud to have produced the report Got Gravel? Strategies to Secure Gravel for Rural Municipalities. Since the report’s publication, these strategies have been implemented by several municipalities to inform Alberta Land-use Framework planning.
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Creating Certainty in Oil Sands Reclamation
For the Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA), CPP Environmental produced the Criteria and Indicators Framework for Oil Sands Mine Reclamation Certification, the End Pit Lakes Guidance Document, and the Guidelines for Wetland Establishment on Reclaimed Oil Sands Leases (3rd Edition).
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CPP Environmental is changing the face of the environmental consulting business in Alberta. Committed to leading the field, we are looking for confident, collaborative, and passionate individuals to join our team.