CPP Environmental provides a range of services to a broad array of clients in industry as well as varied levels of government (federal, provincial, counties, and municipalities), Indigenous communities, individual landowners, and non-profit organizations.


CPP Environmental has successfully supervised the identification and development of more than 10,000 acres of gravel pits in Alberta. Having built an in-depth knowledge of regulatory proceedings and the approvals process, our team:

  • Maintains a thorough understanding of aggregate projects
  • Conducts water and wildlife surveys
  • Prepares flood-risk and environmental assessments
  • Ensures aggregate applications are completed and approved as rapidly as possible
  • Provides all the services required for strategic reserves plans and project closure

Read our “Sand and Gravel Management Services” brochure.

Read our “Flood Management” brochure.


CPP Environmental provides expert regulatory and ecological advice for the full spectrum of construction projects, from small housing developments to major infrastructure undertakings and renewals. We work with our clients to ensure they are in compliance. Possessing extensive familiarity with the needs of builders and the demands of government regulators, our team:

  • Ensures our clients have a complete understanding of their obligations, and are well positioned to receive permits
  • Recognizes the need for low-impact approaches to construction
  • Has an intimate familiarity with the regulatory parameters that dictate what can go where
  • Draws on decades of experience working alongside highway, bridge, pipeline, and residential and light commercial land developers
  • Provides solutions to protect water quality during construction and ensuring wetlands and other natural attributes are identified that could be impacted
  • Works with our clients to undertake effective fish salvage

Read our “Watercourse Crossing Services” brochure.


All development projects involve certain environmental requirements that companies need to be aware of to secure permits and proceed. No developer wants to receive a cease-and-desist letter from government, which can generate costly delays and potentially thwart a project. Our team:

  • Helps ensure developers can secure permits by analyzing the terrain a proposed project will affect and making sure our clients know the relevant regulations
  • Undertakes wetland assessments and conducts wetland compensation calculations so that developers are aware of the financial commitments involved in wetland disturbance
  • Draws developers’ attention to stormwater beds that contain wetland features and aquatic vegetation that safeguard water quality
  • Helps clients navigate government requirements so their projects can be approved and remain on time and on budget
  • Ensures developers are aware of all relevant environmental regulations

Read our “Land Development Services” brochure.


For large industrial projects, CPP Environmental works closely with industry to ensure they have complete knowledge of their responsibilities related to government regulations and the environment. These services are paramount to ensuring that such projects remain on schedule and in accordance with regulatory mandates. Our team:

  • Provides advice that makes companies aware of related regulations
  • Helps companies secure governmental approvals by working with them closely on their regulatory obligations
  • Undertakes site monitoring and assessments of soil and water quality
  • Provides solutions to the removal of potential contaminants and other measures to ensure the integrity of ecological systems
  • Works with industrial clients on wetland, waterway, wildlife, and water quality conservation and rehabilitation


In the mining sector, CPP Environmental provides a full suite of support services. Operations in the mining sector require that proponents be aware of and in accordance with a range of regulations affecting water, land, and wildlife. Our team:

  • Helps companies obtain relevant permits from all applicable regulatory bodies, including municipal, provincial, and federal agencies
  • Provides the sector with environmental monitoring services
  • Offers clients advice on reclamation procedures and timelines
  • Proposes innovative natural resource management solutions
  • Advises clients on all relevant regulations that impact water, land, and wildlife

Oil Sands

CPP Environmental has played key roles in the development of regulatory guidelines for the development of oilsands projects and associated leases. Our team:

  • Helps facilitate the reclamation and restoration of oilsands leases to functioning ecosystems
  • Develops reclamation certification criteria and guidance documents on the construction of wetlands and end pit lakes
  • Works with industry to ensure that the planning, construction, development, monitoring, and certification of reclaimed oilsands projects and their aquatic elements exceed the expectations of governments, Indigenous stakeholders, and other local communities
  • Advises industry on provincial government regulations related to oilsands mining
  • Makes recommendations on how oilsands operations can function in a social and environmentally responsible manner