CPP Advantage

CPP Advantage

solving unprecedented environmental challenges

The CPP Environmental team is at its best when solving unprecedented environmental challenges. We face problems head on, scrutinize every angle, assess the risks, and develop comprehensive solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. That means we listen until we fully understand the challenges posed by each project. We help natural resource developers and municipalities by conducting assessments and preparing all necessary regulatory applications for provincial and federal regulatory bodies, including Alberta Environment and Parks and the Alberta Energy Regulator. We also work with individual landowners to ensure they are aware of all regulations and processes related to development impacting their land.

Regulatory Expertise

In-depth knowledge

Few companies can match the breadth and depth of CPP’s knowledge of environmental regulations. Our staff write guidance documents that provide direction on how to meet provincial regulatory requirements. At CPP, we make it a priority to stay abreast of all the latest developments and updates. We help clients navigate ever-evolving compliance requirements and approved guidance for everything from safety standards to landscape reclamation and restoration criteria. Our expertise in regulatory procedures and land negotiations enables our clients to receive government approvals more quickly and start their projects in a timely manner.

Strategic Guidance


Our intimate and sophisticated understanding of how government works has proven invaluable to industries as they navigate the complex world of government regulations and expectations. At CPP, we know how a project application will be reviewed, how government offices manage those reviews, when an application needs to be submitted, and how long approvals will take. These advantages allow us to maximize the chances of successful project approval, ensuring our clients are never left to guess at what will work. We provide the invaluable service of being able to walk our clients – in aggregate, construction, development, industrial, mining, or oil sands areas – through what to expect from governments, communities, Indigenous peoples, and non-profit environmental organizations with an interest in their project. From the outset, we can help ensure the project gets off to the right start and remains on solid ground.

Tailored Solutions

Customized to Individual Needs

Each of our clients faces environmental and regulatory challenges specific to their situation. Our solutions are always customized to address those individual needs, which can entail resolving policy conflicts and filling knowledge gaps. At CPP, we know that this is the only way to successfully design and implement sustainable and responsible land, water, and natural resource management solutions.

Integrated Approach


Our multidisciplinary team has a wealth of knowledge in environmental policy, land, water, and natural resource management. We can draw on our familiarity with demands of the Alberta Energy Regulator, the Alberta Utilities Commission, Alberta Environment and Parks, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and regional and municipal governments. We cover all the angles — environmental, social, and economic — to minimize the chances that surprise developments will derail a project.

Customer Service

understanding your needs is our top priority

We take pride in the strong partnerships we have cultivated with our clients. Much of our work comes through referrals and from long-term clients. Understanding their needs is our top priority. We believe that working side by side with our clients on every project is the best way to anticipate future regulatory changes and to ensure the outcomes exceed all regulatory standards.