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CPP helps the industry ensure that natural resource development is undertaken responsibly and successfully. We possess extensive experience helping industry navigate the approvals required to get their projects started. We employ our intimate knowledge of provincial government review protocols, and our understanding of regulatory mechanisms, to make sure construction, development, industrial, mining, and oilsands projects remain on track. Our environmental consulting services span the full spectrum of issues a company might encounter, including wildlife habitat, wetlands, water quality, and environmental permits and approvals.

Government Agencies

Among the advantages of working with CPP is our unmatched knowledge of provincial and federal regulations that apply to natural resource development. We are thoroughly familiar with all relevant government directives, such as the Alberta Water Act and the federal Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA). Collectively, our team has more than four decades of experience working with government agencies, and we keep abreast of regulations as they evolve by maintaining close ties with those charged with protecting both environmental and economic resources.

Indigenous Peoples

Natural resource development is unfeasible and undesirable without the involvement of Indigenous stakeholders. From its founding more than a decade ago, CPP Environmental has worked closely with First Nations and Métis communities, particularly in northeastern Alberta, on both general industry guidance documents and specific projects. We recognize the value that Indigenous perspectives and traditional knowledge bring to any project that requires an understanding of the natural world. We work with clients to ensure they understand where Indigenous consultations and involvement are required during a project.


Environmental non-profit organizations play an integral role in society’s understanding of ecological imperatives, including the state of air and water quality, biodiversity and wildlife abundance, watershed health, and the impacts of industrial projects on the climate. CPP Environmental works with non-profit organizations to produce state of the environment and watershed reports, and works with rural municipalities, counties, and environmental associations to ensure they are aware of ecologically sensitive areas and natural attributes that might be impacted by development or rural resource projects. This knowledge ensures government, communities, and industry have access to the latest environmental information and requirements, allowing them to work together toward a mutually satisfying outcome.


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